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Monday, February 29, 2016

Watch the hilarious three part dark comedy Stag

Scotland has a beautiful and wild landscape but it also dangerous. It rains a lot and it can be bitterly cold not only in the winter. Reason the more for the perfect film location. The treacherous and changeable Scottish conditions are unforgiving. Last Saturday evening I watched part one the hilarious three part dark comedy Stag on BBC Two channel.

A group of English men have traveled to the Scottish Highlands for a stag party. The film starts with the brother of the bride, played by Jim Howick is “forgotten” at a crossroad.  When he is finally picked up he is cold and soaking wet. Not a good start for a party.  Shortly after he arrives at the pub the group is driven through the night by their guide. The plan is to go stag hunting. However it has been raining cats and dogs and soon the jeep comes to a sudden stop. The only one way they can continue is to totally strip naked and wade through a flooded road. Shivering from the cold the guide abandons them after he’d mentioned something about stags attacking men and women or men who appear female. From here on the group is on their own. It’s in the middle of the night, they don’t know where they are and they are in danger of running into a full grown stag.

The film gets better and better. BAFTA-nominated writer Jim Field Smith says there are twists upon twists to come in the three on hour episodes. In fact, scripts were not given to actors after their respective characters died and the cast and crew kept secret on the mystery.

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