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Monday, February 1, 2016

Scam web sitebuilder

The other day like so many people I was looking for a new website builder. Not to become a victim of scam sites I researched the net for reviews. I came across several sites which all gave the thumbs up  for an number of web building sites. I wasn't looking for a free site builder but some on them claim to be free. You either have to buy a domain name or pay for the hosting. There is nothing wrong with this and this article is not about so called free web hosting or web building sites. It’s hardly surprising then, that the Internet is crowded with a diverse range of website builders and hosts each trying to offer something palatable to both the local businessman and optimistic entrepreneur. Even though we all think we are savvy enough to seek out the wolves from among the sheep, I admit I stumbled and fell hook line and sinker for a site simply called site builder.

After checking a couple of other site builders I choose   The reviews I had read looked all very positive and their site looked professional. They also trade under the name website

You ask yourself who is writing those positive reviews and articles? My guess is: they have personnel especially writing and posting for them. When you start building your site you are transferred  to ehost. Where you have a cDeck and a vDeck. Nothing about these decks and what they meant was mentioned to me at any time. Only when I emailed with a complain this was mentioned in one of the replies. Read about them here

Here is what I discovered after I unsuccessfully tried to contact their support team. They keep telling me I didn't buy a domain name or I should contact them via another email address they own.
Please check out the real reviews about this website builder below.

The above review sites are written by real people. Don't fall for scam artists. Be aware of wolves in sheep clothing.

Check if a website is legit here:

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