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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I want to believe

A while ago I had this revelation and as Mulder and Scully were saying: The truth is out there.

We were all spirits before we were born. One day we became flesh and received a physical body. First we were a spiritual formless being. We had no perception of time because in this dimension time does not exist.
Throughout the ages we have forgotten where we originate from.
God is the Almighty Spirit, who all human beings who are destined to be reunited with Him/Her get to know at one stage in their life. I say Him or She as we are either male or female, however we are all equal in the eyes of God.

It is when we experience or have experienced trials and difficulties in our life we'll at some stage in our life begin to ask questions. Why did this happen to me? What have I done wrong? We create a strong sense of guilt. This feeling of guilt is inherited from our ancestors and is part of the collective sin.
The Bible says; all people are born in sin. This means that we all caring this feeling and deep rooted believe of guilt within us, regardless we did anything wrong. A new born baby hasn't done anything and yet he is born in sin. He/she carries this collective guilt.

When you invite or open your mind and heart to the higher spirit (God), you step up on the ladder of consiousness.Your process of thinking gets onto a higher level. You transcend above your normal patron of thinking. We met those two contradicting voices in our heads. You are one of them and the other we're not really sure of who or what it is. We then have discussions with each other.
This can be very confusing at times especially when you are a young person. A lot of sense and inside towards a lot of questions you might have can come up during this process.
But unfortunately we forget them or only a few thing will stay with us within our short term memory. To keep these precious thoughts and revelations you can write them down, this way you can reflect and transcend.            

To come back to the conscious guilt, God the spirit also became flesh and lived among us as Jesus. To walk among the people who then lived. He taught his disciples the truth meaning of life and what goes beyond. He went against everything that was taught by human beings. He went against all worldly authority and turned everything upside down. The key of his teachings was and still is that through him we are free of this collective guilt. We are no longer slaves, we are free.

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