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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Women's unit of mental hospital 'totally unsuitable'

You might think in this day and age we have moved on from Victorian times, but this isn't the case. I did not make the situation of the institution where Anthony resides in my book Virus up. Those were facts which I have researched. Below there is more prove that a lot more needs to be done. Mental illness this something that can overcome us all.

Women's unit of mental hospital 'totally unsuitable'

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Facebook does it really work

Today I have been fiddling with the like button of facebook. I must say that wasn't easy, it was plain impossible to put the code on my blog. One has to perform three different handlings. If you have to believe facebook things can't be easier. Put this code here and that code their if you want the like button to work. I did and the button still doesn't work. What a waste of time.

Promoting the book is hard enough as it is and takes up a lot of time. Frustrating is a better word, because this time can be used for other things. Like continuing with my second novel. I can't go on like this any longer, things have to change before I lose all the elan to write. therefor I dugged into the file today and scribbled a few lines. Again I'm jumping from one branch to another as I did with Mind Games, but that's how writting works. You put the pieces together when you think you have them all gathered and make the jigsaw. Fill in the missing junctions and bridges as you go along.