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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Publish and sell your book on a shoestring budget

I have discovered that promoting your book is actually more work than writing it. I didn't spend whole days sitting behind the computer or writing on my notepad. I did a few hours here and a few hours there. I can write basically anywhere I can turn into my own world. I wrote in cafes, coffee shops, hotels, during a Jungian course at home and even at work. I also write with music or the TV on.
I designed a poster and the cover for a DVD. I got this idea of putting the book on a PDF file and mail this to buyers. But then it dawned on me when I was in a € 2 shop to get more disks to put them in a DVD box and sell them on markets and fairs. I already made a design for the sleeve.

Now the next time I go to a market or fair I put up my poster and present the book as a electronic book in a DVD box. I made the copies in Nore Side Education in Kilkenny (thanks a million)

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