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Monday, June 27, 2011

Books which sell well

A story doesn’t have to be grammatically correct, when the readers like it you’re on the right track. All you need to do is find a niche in the market and off you go.
I spend some time on writer’s forums lately. I have my moments in which I do a lot of posting and reading other peoples post and then I stop visiting the sites all together. I have been on a few like wattpad and writersbeat. There are a lot of young writers ranging from 13 to 16 on wattpad and most of them love fantasy, zombie or vampire stories. They receive the most views on their stories, while all the others are limping behind. This doesn’t mean the other genres are less well written. This particular forum is crowded with the result of books like Harry Potter, Twilight and so on. Don’t forget that J.K. Rowling’s first book arrived about 10 years ago on the market. Thus the teenagers writing stories now have been spoon fed the scars and spells throughout their life.
This doesn’t mean we all have to create fantasy or horror stories as youth is only a part of the population, there are many other age categories, and genres you can pick from. A lot of these young writers are copying their idols. A new genre is fan fiction. The name says it all.
Ok, you belong to the group of somewhat older writers and looking for a niche in the market, where do you start? I just Googled and came to the conclusion that the following are also highly appreciated.

·         Memoirs autobiographies
·         Romance
·         Adventure
·         Sci-Fi
·         Fantasy
·         Mystery/thriller
·         Medical
·         Action
So there you go it’s not so bad and there is plenty to choose from. I’m sure your book fits somewhere. You need to figure out in which category it fits, and that’s not always easy. 
Nowadays Mystery and Thrillers are seen as one genre, but my book isn’t exactly a thriller it is more a mystery a medical mystery with a hint of Sci-Fi.
Now dig up your diary and start typing, sling a few bad experiences in here and there and you might have a best seller under your belt before you know. I wish my PC didn’t crash, I might have gone for my own autobiography. However I do have the first draft on paper, hand written.

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