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Monday, June 13, 2011

Free online store fronts are they worth your time

Free online store fronts like, offtheshelf, lulu, smashwords and others give authors a platform to self publish their books. Readers can then buy the books when they become a member. Herein lies the problem; in order to shelf a book you've created you must fill an online form and go through the motions of uploading your files and making a book cover. Once your finished it's up to you to promote your book. Off you go and post as many links as you can to all the social networks and your contacts.
Doing this without any result it began to dawn on me that potential customers might not want to sign up with any of these online stores but rather buy directly from the author. Maybe you say I'm not doing enough to promote my product, maybe so, but I don't want to waste my time with relentless marketing while I rather write on my new novel. The only online store front I am going to put time is create a space. They are involved with Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.
I am currently waiting on a revenue number which I need to create an account at create a space. Next I will receive an ISBN. This magic number (ISBN) is going to give me the opportunity to sell my book on any storefront.

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